How do you carry?

How do you carry

  • In waist band (IWB) holster

    Votes: 55 61.1%
  • Out of waist band (OWB) holster

    Votes: 44 48.9%
  • Pocket holster

    Votes: 24 26.7%
  • Shoulder holster

    Votes: 8 8.9%
  • Ankle holster

    Votes: 5 5.6%
  • Bag or other accessory

    Votes: 8 8.9%
  • Other (not listed above)

    Votes: 5 5.6%

  • Total voters


New member
I can't find a thread dealing with this, and all the talk in the "chambered or not" thread got me thinking... I carry with one in the chamber (feel safe doing so), and mostly in an IWB Old Faithful hip holster. I do sometimes carry in an OWB Blackhawk Serpa Level II retention holster, which is undoubtedly more comfortable. I don't doubt my abilities to draw and get on target with a proper grip and without touching the trigger until the need arises, but I do doubt my abilities somewhat to do so when I have to get through clothing. As one of the videos posted commented, carrying concealed will increase your time to draw. Aside from open carrying as a law-abiding citizen (an option in my state), I'm going to have to fight some clothing to get my firearm out and on target (be it just an untucked shirt, a tucked shirt, a sweatshirt... and even maybe a zipped-up jacket on top of all of this in the colder weather).

I'm interested in everyone's opinion about the ease of drawing and putting your sights on target with your routine carry method, and also, a poll of said carry methods. Thanks.


OC for Tactical Advantage
Open carry owb with a round in the chamber. Fastest, most comfortable, and deterrence are my best chances.

If cold, I'll wear a jacket which usually covers my firearm.


I always carry one Glock 26 in an OWB holster on my hip in plain sight and another Glock 26 in my front jeans pocket in a pocket holster. And, if the mood strikes me, either a S&W J frame .38 or a Kel Tec .32 in an inside the shirt stretchy shoulder holster. On rare occasions I'll wear my little NAA .22 derringer nestled inside it's belt buckle holster.

All those guns are readily accessible in the summer since no clothing needs to be moved out of the way (even under the shirt is easily reached by leaving the top button unbuttoned and going through the neck opening.

And in winter I wear a waist length coat/jacket that can be tucked behind the open carried gun.. is short enough to not interfere with pocket access... and is left open at the top just like my shirt so I can get inside that too. But even though it's really cute I don't bother with the belt buckle gun in the winter...


New member
IWB in a remora holster at 3:30. As for it taking longer, I know it does. Only practice makes it quicker. When I go to the range, I don't just put holes in paper. I practice my draw and double taps the entire time I am there. More draws equals less flaws. Smooth is fast.


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During cool or cold months I carry a Glock 21SF in a belt holster or shoulder holster. In warm months I pocket carry a 642 S&W airweight .38.


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String side 4 o'clock IWB with an untucked t shirt and an unzipped sweatshirt. I find the sweatshirt being unzipped makes it much easier to get out of the way.


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A Fat Man's way to Carry

I utilize a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard holster at between 3:30 & 4 O'clock. It holds it nice and high, and with a very good gunbelt it holds it very secure and tight. The thumb break should give me at least a second or more reaction time for anyone trying a Gun grab although NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING beats situational awareness!. I've worn it riding my bike (M/C), fishing or whatever and it's been wonderful. Comfortable too. The only thing that bothers me just a little is if I cover it with just a tee, as the butt rubs against me. But like a few of you others, I prefer O/C to CC, as I would rather try and avoid a confrontation than try and "surprise" someone in one. But that's just me as YMMV. Later and Keep your Powder Dry people as it's starting to look like we may be needing it!

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I NEVER wear untucked shirts. I don't wear jackets or ESPECIALLY vests.

Therefore my normal carry is:
  1. IWB, usually one of my own tuckable IWBs. This is for my Glocks, M1911 or Browning Hi Power.
  2. Pocket, in one of my own leather pocket holsters. This is for my Smith 36.


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thunderwear S&W BG 380. I guess that is kinda a IWB. I'm sure I've worn it in places like Walmart, never noticed the sign and forget I have it. Sunday's... still carry it


New member
Mostly OC, so, my G22 is OWB with a Serpa cqc level 2 holster. If I CC, it's IWB with a Galco king tuk. A round in the chamber, because nobody likes carrying a brick in their pocket.

the dark

New member
G26 AIWB @ 1 - 2:00 and a spare 15 round magazine @ 10 - 11:00. I find the AIWB a fast smooth draw and on my body type it conceals well.

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