How do you carry????

Plus 1 on the Fobus Paddle. I recently had a chance to try one and it sure beats an Uncle Mike's IWB

I almost always carry 4:00 strongside either IWB or OWB. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good belt now, it will safe you alot of hassle when your pants start sagging, or twisting. If belt carry is out of the question, then I would look into pocket carry, belly band, smart carry, or an ankle or shoulder holster.
I used a Don Hume IWB with both my G23 and 40VE. The holsters I used both had a metal clip that didn't require a belt and was a nice durable leather. Sorry I don't have either (sold them with both autos) or I would give the model numbers. As long as your pants fit correctly (don't fall carrying) all is well.
I also carried for a lack of a better term "Mexican" which is sans holster placing the gun against the butt cheek inside the waist band of your underwear. Once again this requires proper fitting pants. Again I am sorry and I hope I didn't offend anyone.
I am currently using a DeSantis paddle type but waiting on a Crossbreed.
Carry a 1911 MOD1 using a shoulder holster or SOB. Although a bit cumbersome at times, I have the size to conceal. Will probably downsize to Kimber Ultra II or Sprindfield XD compact. But while the weather is cool, I prefer the shoulder the best.
You did not state what type of firearm you carry. If you are willing to go to a 9mm for your carry weapon and want it as a close-in defense weapon, I recommend you look at the Kahr PM9 and pocket carry the piece. There are light Kydex holsters from FIST that work well in pocket carry. The weapon with loaded mag is not heavy and even without a belt you could probably carry it in your strong side pocket without difficulty.
I just got my CCL in KY, however I dont wear a belt most of the time. Any advice on carrying without belt? Ankle holster is out of the question. Thanks for any advice.
With no belt and no ankle holster, like others, I would recommend you take a hard look at the SmartCarry:

SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters

For concealment and comfort it is hard to beat. Everyting is a compromise. Depending on what you wear, access to your weapon may be unacceptably slow with the SmartCarry.
Buy a belt and expend your choices. I use a shoulder holster (horizontal postion) Cocked & Locked for my 45. It's great for generl ware. Also have SOB as a second.
NRA Slide Holster – Black, Link Removed 324 BLK
It's inexpensive and can be used for multiple postions.IF driving long distence, of course, it can be a bit uncomfortable if worn SOB.

Hey ULfootball211: You never mentioned what kind of firearm you want or intend to CC; it will truly determine what kind of CC you can reasonably expect to use. It seems on these forums that everything less than a 38 (although the lightweight 38s are exceptions for some members) can be pocket carried. Larger calibre/weight CC have a wide range of designs, In any case, you must do your due diligence--investigate all comments on this forum--what one person thinks is great, someone else is unhappy with. Be sure of price--they vary a bit with equal quality. Kydex material is very light and functional and leather can be just as good but will be heavier and, if you are into detailing, a lot more expensive. If unsure, try to find mfgr who has a return policy. So many choices and it comes down to a personal decision so do your homework.

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