How do you carry at the gym?


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For those of you who go to the gym, how do you carry? On-body, in a gym bag or not at all?


I have a membership but have yet to go. That said, I want to start going
and I'm interested in what others do. My gym has lockers but I think
carry would be the better option.
As it happens, all my holsters are OWB and all pistols are 5" barrel, so it
seems something will probably have to change.
I don't. Ever since a patron decided to work out while open carrying so everyone could see his firearm my gym has posted a sign saying no firearms allowed on premises. When asked why the manager said it was in response to numerous customer complaints about this guy.
My condolences, from York County PA to York County VA.
I open carry everywhere and for almost 20 years, all very
positive responses and reactions up here.

I'm anticipating wearing sweats or shorts, something that doesn't
work real well with carry, open or concealed, at least not with the
holsters in my collection.

I am not aware of any signage or policy at my location, right now
I'm just trying to figure out how to carry, if it is even possible.
Obviously someone at your place found a way, and damned shame
about the reaction.
I can carry with sweatpants and do all he time with my PHLSTER Enigma. But I don't use that while working out since some movements could bring my shirt up and reveal my gun. So I've been carrying in a backpack that stays with me all of the time. But I'm on the hunt for a bag that is more like a small duffle, not a backpack and that I can velcro mount a holster to a panel on the inside so it is more secure.
Although I've already posted that I open carry everywhere, I just can't picture trying to OC with any sort of gym attire. For this situation I think CC is the only reasonable option for me.

I would likely have to purchase not only a specific CC holster, but very likely a much smaller pistol than what I now own.

Probably better to just leave it at home, but as long as this thread was started I was curious to see how others might respond.

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