How do you advertise your business


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I was wondering how everyone adverrise there business?


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Advertising and marketing are two different things.

I have run a business of one type or another since I was 18 and am now 39. I've been running a firearm training business since 2013, and rebranded myself in 2015. In that time I have learned alot about what does work and what doesn't work and what works for one industry doesn't necessarily work for firearm training.

The vast majority of my students come through social media, and it costs me nothing but time. I have joined as many local facebook gun groups as I can and give away free advice and answer questions free. Doing this builds trust and gets you seen by hundreds of eyes every day. Eventually people know you know your chit and start asking you questions directly. Congratulations you just EARNED a new student. But it does take time and is an ongoing effort. When I promote a class it generally will fill up quick because people already know me.

Another thing I have done is til fill my website with as much content as possible. I am constantly adding more, such as What is the best gun for concealed carry? - Alpha Koncepts and What States Honor the IL Concealed Carry License? - Alpha Koncepts and more. This helps the search engines find you better, which helps people find you better. I am always trying to add more content.

Also I apply the same free advice approach that I use on social media and my website to youtube,

But when I need to fill a class quickly, I use google adwords. The problem here is there is no guarantee you'll get students and if you don't do it right you can spend alot of money! ALOT of money. It's not cheap, but everyone uses google.

Remember when I said that advertising and marketing aren't the same? Well they aren't. Advertising is a part of marketing. Once I have a student email address, I invite them to all my social media and add them to my newsletter. I want to make sure I stay in front of them as much as possible. Doing so means that when they think of a firearm instructor I am the first person they think of.


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I advertise on facebook and instagram but it's getting harder to fin students. I have expanded to teach in other states. I have thought about advertising in classified ad bulletins

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I joined some regional firearm forums and advertised that way. Once you get a few signed up, they usually write up a review on the same forum. Then there's word of mouth, and of course facebook.

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