How Do I get the state of FL to understand?

I believe to open a school or facility you must have K licenses to operate in Florida go to fdle and you can probably get the answers you want. they if I am not wrong they are the ones that handles the curriculum. Hopes this helps all the Ag determines is who get a permit .

If you open a facility the requirement is you have to have the K licenses which can go thru the NRA LAW or fdle to get your k license but as a NRA instructor you can use what you want as long as it require proper handling, gun safety and over view of gun free zones, cleaning and proper stance while shooting. It does not require 50 rds or 100 rds it says as long as they can show proficiency and accuracy correctly. NEVER saying it is sanctioned by NRA "DON'T USE NRA REQUIREMENT COURSE", IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THEIR COURSE GUIDE LINES. My classes consist of the safety rules, gun free zones, do's and don'ts ; don't give legal advise and have fun carefully training . be observant. BEEN DOING IT MY WAY AND HAVING SUCCESS !!! NEVER SAID MY CLASS IS NRA BUT I AM A NRA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR.. I have had Ag inspectors family attend my class, undercover LEO and family members. I enjoy the classes. I do it at their homes with their family and friends who lives in the country. if they live in the city we go to their friends homes in the country and end doing some of their members. I bring my lap top and printer and all materials. they gladly pay my fees because of their privacy is their desire.

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