How Cooperative with a LEO is wise?

I think that there needs to be a bit of clarification, mostly on semantics. The statements that the police won't be your friends more means that there will be a complete investigation and you has better be justified in the shoot or it will come back to haunt you. With my involvement in law enforcement for the past three decades, I can safely say that nobody will be out to get anyone in a righteous shooting, but you had better be righteous. You had better be well aware of the deadly force laws in your particular state along with any other laws that concern armed defense, like castle doctrine if your state has it. Probably one of the most common mistakes that newbie CCWs do is to arm themselves before they are completely familiar with the laws and how they could affect them if involved in an armed encounter.

How the investigation is handled depends on whether there is a death involved or not. If not, then the police will handle the investigation with the input of the DAs office. If there is a death, it often, again depending on jurisdiction, goes to a coroner's inquest to recommend if criminal charges should be charged or not. The DA does not necessarily have to agree with the medical examiner's findings, but rarely does he go against the coroner as the evidence is the same. You would be detained after the incident, but not necessarily be arrested. You should willingly surrender your firearm as it will be seized anyway. If you are cleared, it should be returned as there is no legal reason to not do so.

Legal counsel is always a good idea, but as has been stated, many cannot afford them. Still, it should be seriously considered especially in an incident where you have no witneses to corrobrate your account of the incident. I heard on a radio show recently that there is something brewing in the insurance industry about CCW insurance that would cover all of your legal and other expenses if you were involved in such an incident. I didn't get to hear the discussion, but it sounds like it might be something to look into if this is going to be available and the premiums aren't steep. Obviously, also depending on any other limitations of the policy. You always gotta read the fine print.

My heart goes out to those here that had to use their firearm. Thanks for sharing the experiences and this should reinforce the fact that this whole issue is nothing to be taken lightly by any stretch. We talk about legalities, but few realize the personal toll that exercising our rights can cost in the end. Doing the right thing isn't always free.

I agree with ishi the less said better also dont consent to any search advise officer that the situation was tramatic and ask for same courtesy that they would show fellow officer if he or, she would have been involved in the shooting as stated by USCCA
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