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I found this thread ( on the site from a year or so back, but I was actually curious what the state of concealed carry is NOW, after all of the political wrestling of late... Of particular interest to me, was the issue of concealed carry in the city/county of Denver.

I have read in the state law where no local municipality/government is supposed to be able override the state law that allows statewide concealed carry. (with a legal permit, of course) But I also have people telling me that since Denver is a "home rule" city, they do not have to follow the CC laws. This is directly the opposite of what the law seems to clearly state.

My head is starting to hurt: anyone wanna clarify this for me??


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Last I checked, CC is legal in Denver, but OC isn't at all. Granted, I'd double check again if I needed to go there (not a fan of big cities!) because who knows what they'll try to screw with.


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Nothing has changed in recent years in regards to CC or OC in Colorado.
OC is still permitted state-wide except Denver city limits (which is not all that large if you look at the map).
CC is still permitted state-wide with valid CCW (even in Denver city limits)

The only things have changed much is the 15 round magazine limit for magazines made/purchased after July 1, 2013. If you owned those magazines prior to July 1st, 2013 they are completely legal to have and use in Colorado (making the law 100% useless). You may also spend an extra $10 per gun purchased for the new "enhanced" background check (more BS that serves no purpose at all).


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...anyone wanna clarify this for me??

When the state preemption law was passed along with shall-issue in 2003, Denver had about 6 ordinances that conflicted with state law. Denver and the state immediately sued each other in district court. A Judge Meyer issued a decision on the case that split the difference. Denver was allowed to keep 3 of its ordinances: no open carry, safe storage, and a 20 round mag limit. The ruling was appealed to the state supreme court and its decision was announced in 2007. The lawyer that argued the original case on behalf of Denver had in the meantime been appointed to the state supreme court and recused herself. The vote was 3-3, a tie; by default the original ruling by Judge Meyer stands.

So the Colorado concealed carry law is enforced across the state including Denver.

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