House Bill 1304 Support Family and Personal Protection Act


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A group of old timers sitting in a barber shop once told me.

" Never move to Washington DC or Chicago."

I ask " why?"

I was told the most important thing I can do as a Black man, (or any man) is to protect family. So why has the Black Church and Black elected officials allowed the Democrats to do what the KKK and other hate groups couldnt do; Disarm Blacks?

For the past 15 years the old school Black Church and elected officials have failed to find a purpose and direction to lead the African American community. In the area of crime look at the Cities of Chicago and Washington DC and you will find they are no longer in the top ten Cities for Afirican Americans. (visit The cities that are in the running are cities with strong 2nd amendment support and in all case conceal carry laws.

The problem is groups like the NRA have failed to attack Black elected officials out of fear of being called racist. Failure to bring light to this issue has led to an out of control crime wave, leading to many African Americans dead in the streets. The NRA must stand up for rights of Inner city Americans by stpeping into the fold of community groups and giving direction on gun rights. Other cities and states have seem a drop in crime with conceal carry, Chicago and DC needs to see that same drop. Along with the lawsuit against the City of Chicago one more thing can be done.

Illinois has House Bill 1304 Support Family and Personal Protection Act, the Illinois conceal carry act. When this bill pass it will allow for conceal carry in Illinois. The only problem is that most African Americans (most residents) living in Democratic wards and disticts have not heard of this bill. The Democratic bosses has down played it, and in many cases told members not to talk about it.

House Bill 1304 Support Family and Personal Protection Act, need to be in the spot light all over the state of Illinois. Call your elected official and newspaper to get this act in the public more. The Black elected officials has been the weak vote on why this bill has yet to pass. Lets change that.

And for the record Im African American and I spoke to my congressmen about this bill "David Miller (D)" he has yet to get back to me about this.

Its funny that many Jews are the same antigun.JPFO is right on look at them on line.Jews should be more gun friendly than all us.Thanks to Nazis
I highly agree but the left lead by Jesse Jackson has attack the second admendment. Many African Ameircan are are a lost on the issue.

Let me be the first to welcome you to USA Carry, tracy.e.fulford. Welcome aboard!

By the way, I see that you're from Calumet City, Illinois. I live just across the border from you in Gary, IN.

I agree with you on the issue of today's so-called civil rights leaders and their misguided positions on gun rights. I have posted several forums on just that fact.
Welcome to the forum tracy.e.fulford. I certainly hope you all in Illinois are successful. We in Nevada are attempting to expand our CCW law and bring all of the county Sheriffs in line with compliance.

If you are not a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association [ISRA]
please consider joining. They are a major force in combating the anti gunners in Illinois.

I live across the river in Missouri and joined the ISRA 5 or 6 years ago. I also support HB 1304. It is a real pain to have to disarm, when I cross the river.

Most of my black friends are gun friendly and some are excellent shots.

We need to work harder getting the black community involved in the shooting sports and interested in self defense.

Please check out the ISRA at Illinois State Rifle Association

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