Hornady tap?


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Does anyone carry Hornady TAP. FPD? Just wondering any thoughts or opinions on this ammo. Its 9mm 147gr. I just bought some they were out of gold dots. I thought I would give it a try.

this reminds me i need to go get some carry ammo, still not sure what i want to buy, i have heard some good things about the TAP ammo but i hear a bunch of people raving about gold dot
Like the ballistics of the rifle ammo... Blows the back out of golf balls pretty well... Not sure bout the handgun ammo...
I just picked up a box this weekend. From dealers and hearsay it is same thing as critical defense but without the expansion tip. Same low flash high velocity powder.
I switch between Hornady TAP and Critical Defense depending on what's available (9mm and .223). Love them both and trust them absolutely after thousands of rounds.

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I use both, TAP and Critical Defense, never had a problem with either one of them. I use the 9mm TAP in 124g and the Critical Defense in 9mm 115g

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