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If this has been asked before I'm sorry but I searched it and didn't find anything pertaining to the subject. I'm just wondering; Some states such as Florida issue nonresident permits but it is also my understanding that they do not honor nonresident permits. My question is do they honor their own nonresident permit?

Go here and enter where you meant to travel:

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We have one in USCCA but I think you have to be a paid member to access it. It asked you what kind of permit you have and where it is legal to carry it and where it is not accepted. I like that other one...
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South Carolina has some pretty weird rules for out of staters carrying. You cannot get a SC permit as a non-resident unless you own real property in the state. If you hold a permit from another state that SC honors, you must be a resident of that state for it to be valid in SC.

So if you are a native of NJ going to school at Winthrop University, there is not realy a practical way for you to legally carry concealed in SC.

What if a student at said University gets his driver's license changed to a SC DL?

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