Home Invasion with a Twist


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I found this article in local news, and thought it's worth sharing.

Check out the 11-yr old daughter's response to intruders, verses her own dad.... I wonder if he was "running for help" or saving his own @$$ because he KNEW about the dope... (300 LBS!?! That's a LOT of weed, dude!):drag:

What do you think??

11-year-old thwarts home invasion - KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona -

11-year-old thwarts home invasion

Tucson, AZ - On July 4th armed men broke into a south side home. Pima County Sheriff's detectives say it was the quick thinking of an 11-year-old girl calling 911 that helped them arrest four individuals. Yet the invasion resulted in a bizarre twist, when sheriff's deputies arrived at the home they found 300 pounds of marijuana.

Sheriff's investigators say that marijuana is what the home invaders were after.

Lt. Mike O'Connor of the Pima County Sheriff's department says, "The bandits came into the house and quickly was taken over by the bad guys and she was bound."

Also in the house was an elderly grandmother in a wheelchair.

When deputies arrived, the father, 43-year-old Gabriel Espinoza, was reportedly climbing over the block wall. He says he was going for help.

The mother says she wasn't home when the gunmen broke in, but is proud of her daughter's actions.

"Thank god she's alive, and hopefully nobody else ever has to go through this [that] we went through, it's very scary," says the mother.

As for the marijuana the mother denies any knowledge of it, "It wasn't stored here, I don't know what happened, but it wasn't stored here."

She adds, "It should've never happened, should've never happened."

Four men sit behind bars in the Pima county jail; they're accused of this home invasion. Detectives aren't releasing their photos because they are still doing digital line-ups with other witnesses. Investigators say this group may be responsible for additional home invasions.

What a POS father. People like this should not be allowed to procreate. IMAO.

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