Home invasion ends badly for badguy

First as to caliber, I recall reading that the major difference between handgun and rifle wounds is that persons wounded with handguns generally present to the ER, those wounded with rifles generally present to the morgue. There are exceptions of course but that was a rule of thumb I was taught when I was learining emergency medicine.

Second, Hospitals are required to report "suspicious injuries" such as stab wounds and in particular Gunshot wounds to the police. However, since most hospitals do not have sworn police officers they cannot detain someone against their will. Now if I suspected that a person was wounded in the comission of a crime I would inform the police, and hospital security. As a physician I do not have the authority to detain someone unless it is MEDICALLY indicated. This includes both physical and chemical restraints. Similarly, unless they are sworn police officers hospital security does not usually have the authority to detain someone.

So maybe the BG was going to crawl off and die, or buddy was going to do surgery, nice shooting to the lady involved and God Bless her.
One point I thought of when I read this, is how fast things happen. Even when wounded and in a hospital, this guy still managed to be faster than the police response. As has been said many times, your gun is seconds away, but the cops are generally many minutes too late. They're good at investigating a crime after it happens, but if you don't want to be a crime statistic, learning how to shoot well is critical.

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