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Well, I really don't want to kill anyone but I will defend and kill if necessary. I have found an alternative to the immediate death blow.

Lightfield has the "Zombie Blaster", "Double Ball", "Rubber Slug", "HV Star", and "Rubber Buckshot" - All could be leathal if hit in the right location - Head, Heart, Inner thigh.

However, it really packs a hit that will really bruise and blinding pain to the point of incapacitation.

I have my shotgun loaded with 3 of these rounds and that should prevail - rendering the attacker helpless - But if not the 4th is lead to kill.

It is a good home defense and may also prevent an accidental death of a "friend".

I read several replies and I agree with probably the majority of them. If I am in my home and it is invaded in some fashion and I am prepared enough to reach my firearms for defense due to imminent danger/Castle Doctrine, I am going with the most lethal weapon I have with the most lethal cartridges I have and I am aiming center mass. Enough talk already in other threads about "stopping the threat"--this is legal wordsmithing. I have my defense and it is absolutely what I want to do; my firearms and cartridges are not rubber doughboys of any kind and they will surely stop a threat and stop "future" threats from a BG as long as I aim centermass.


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Air soft shotgun maybe? They are still as intimidating but are not lethal at all. That would be my advice, at least. Could definitely prevent a few accidents.


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I don't ever remember a case where a robber or multiple home invaders used rubber bullets or other non-lethal ammo during their crime, because they have compassion for their victims.
Yeah, I can't remember a case like that either.


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Also good points. Unlike what Ringo says, you do bring a lot of good ideas to these forums. Which I think he is jealous of because that's not within his capacity by any stretch.


Thank you! Ahh Ringo's all right! He seems to be a pretty good guy. It's just that he appears to have been largely mislead by all of the maudlin (pseudo-Christian) fundamentalist hype and dogma that's around today. You know what the 'Good Book' says, right:

("Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." (II Timothy 3:5)

Maybe, someday, I'll tell him that I, once, dropped out of a theological seminary because the quasi-religious bastards who ran the place were trying their damnedest to turn me into another pandering 'closet-atheist' just like they, themselves.

As for me knowing about guns and how to use them? Well, I should. I have been around guns and doing these things since I was 9 years old (I am now 78), and my 3 U.S. Marine Corps uncles used to take me out shooting with them several times a week.

They were very strict firearm teachers, too; one of the first lessons I learned was NOT TO MISS! If I were unlucky enough to miss a target then they would make me sit on the bench for an 'eternity' of 10 or 15 minutes, and until I promised not to do it again! (It wasn't long before I didn't, too!) ;)


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Ahh Ringo's all right! He seems to be a pretty good guy.
Well I did get him to agree that he would not post anything in 2029 or beyond. So there's a start. I know of no other user that will post over ten times on the same thread that no one else has posted on. He must like talking to himself on the internet.

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