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I am carring a 5" , COLT .45 , 1911 .. and have a hard time concealing it in a belt holster , so I visited the local police supply store in Dallas , and was fitted for a horizontal pull, shoulder holster from Galco... but the problem I am finding , is the mag pouches, are a type that release , downward, making a quick pull out , very difficult, as I have to reach across to grab and release, or change hands with the piece, putting me at disadvantage for quick reload . The other problem is, I have had to adjust to a cant angle in the front , so when I am turning or bending over , the piece does not stick out the back, giving away concealment.
Does anyone have any suggestions that may be helpful as I perfer my gov't model 1911 to any other .. and want to use shoulder typ holsters .. TY

I carry a government sized 1911 as well and use a Leather/Kydex Hybrid that I made. . . My first attempt.

These are the latest ones I made for a couple of friends.
This one is for concealed carry and is just like a Tucker. I gave it a forward cant (FBI).

This one is a belt slide. Made for open carry.

I based it on a Crossbreed that I had worn out. Tucker also has a fine holster of this style. The Crossbreed I purchased cracked in two places and the clips broke several times. Never got it right so I made my own. Crossbreed did not stand behind the holster. He sent me a set of clips and when he up graded to a better clip, wanted me to pay for it. This all happened within one year. So much for a life time warranty. I'd go with Tucker Gun Leather.

Tucker IWB:

These holsters will conceal like nothing else you have ever worn. The belt slide holster also tucks in nice and tight. I open carry with a similiar holster and my 1911. Tucks in real nice. It is meant to be worn with the belt threaded over the kydex. They really are as good as everyone says.
Hope this helps.

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