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Have any of you ever used a holster shirt to conceal? How does it affect the weapon's accessibility and speed of draw? Summertime is coming up, and I'm really not willing to change my entire wardrobe to conceal my gun. I own a smartcarry, but the slowness of the draw as well as the difficulty in drawing while sitting down don't really make it a viable choice for all day everyday carry.

I was looking at holster shirts and found this one.


Does anyone have experience with these?

I have one of the Kramer holster T shirts. It conceals it very well under a button up shirt. (That's the only kind I tried it under). It is tight in order to keep the gun from shifting. I didn't find it very comfortable. I used it a few times and found another option. Part of it I think was getting used to it. My shoulder would hurt. I think I was trying to compensate for the weight of the firearm by holding my shoulder up. It was fairly accessible. If you were wearing a tie you could leave one button of your shirt unbuttoned to provide access. It however, did have a velcro strap to hold it in that had to be undone.

Good luck.

I just noticed Luke has a review of something similar in his review section
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I've worn a Kramer Holster shirt once or twice and it drives me crazy each time. The intentional design is for the bottom of the shirt to hit midway between the nipples and belly button. The comfort is minimal, at best.

I recently bought the 5.11 holster shirt and much prefer it over the Kramer for a variety of reasons, comfort being the first.

That said, holster shirts, for me, are very limited in use. I much prefer to wear a t-shirt with an untucked camp shirt with my gun in my KyTac BraveHeart IWB rig.

The holster shirts are for the times where I need to wear a shirt and tie and no sportcoat. If you get hot easily, the holster shirt, especially the 5.11, may not be for you. At least the Kramer is mesh.

What gun are you wanting to hide ?

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I have the 5.11 shirt too, and wear it occasionally...usually when I have to "dress up". It's OK. Not real quick access, but part of that may be because I shoot lefty. I also have a SmartCarry and feel like I can draw much faster from that than my holster shirt.
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Just to clarify, the Kramer shirt is not short like it used to be. It is a full length, tuckable undershirt.
With the tee shirt one should wear snap or zipper over shirt.Looks like buttons but not.
Since its been a few months I was wondering if your opinions have changed on the shirts. I am looking to use one for backpacking and Biking and I am looking at different options. What about the one from A Better Way To Carry( The one that was reviewed here) anyone use it?
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I have a couple of the 5.11 holster shirts and I really like them. They are especially good for motorcycling. They should work equally well for bicycling. The smartcarry is not very good for either of these hobbies due to the position your body will be in. I definitely wouldn't try a smartcarry on a bicycle or any motorcycle where you lean forward.

I do own a smartcarry and have used it on occasion, but I find it uncomfortable when sitting.
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I have abetterholster tee shirt. It takes A little getting use too. It concels the weapon well. Access is ok with button shirts. Gun butt rubs on the arm a little and the shirt fits tight.
holster shirt

You might wanna look at the concealment shirt holster from concealamerica. I had a 5.11 and didn't like how the gun carried or how the shirt fit. Wasted my money on that one, turned around and bought from conceal america and not only was the service good but the shirt fits and carries great. Just thought i'd put my two cents in. Hope this help ya.
Wore my shirt from a better holster to a wedding a few weeks ago. The only think that bothered me was sitting down the barrel of my glock dug into my ribs. It was a little bit hot but I think that the under armour shirts are hot too. As far being tight. I didn't think it was any tighter than an under armour. I'm going to try it backpacking this weekend so I'll let ya know how it works in that situation. I tried it on and I think it will do ok.
Anyone still read this?

I bought two 5.11 shirt holsters, and have a number of issues;
1) Seams are itchy. Thread is nylon and causes redness and itching wherever they are.
2) Every gun I've tried falls forward and out between the Velcro strips.

I added some Velcro to keep my gun from falling out, and my tailor added buttons to many of my shirts for quick access, so those issues have theoretically been solved.
My questions:
Does anyone else deal with the itchiness? What did you do about it?
What did you do about the gun falling out?

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