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Hello, I am new here and hoping for a little advice.
I am NOT a novice shooter but new to the CCW world. I am looking for a holster. I have a Springfield XD 9645, I am a pretty big guy, and have a bit of a gut, and I am trying to find something that sits low enough that I dont risk exposing my gun everytime I lift my hands or stab me in the gut when i sit down (i know some poking is likely unavoidable), so something that can sit a little deeper but not being "deep concealment" like Ubran carry. And of course something that will fit my gun.
Any suggestions?


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Yeah im not in an open carry state and there are like 3 month a year where its cool enough to wear even a light jacket.
Needs to be in my pants. I should have specified that, thanks for the reply though.


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Im not buying a new gun, thats a big expense, and I really dont care for the grip angle of glocks, I can shoot them I just dont care for them.


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I've had a good experience with JM4 tactical holsters
they have served my needs very well good retention and pretty comfortable when sitting. I can carry my glock 19 all day and be comfortable when I am in my wheelchair

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The VA is a perfect example of just how incompetently our government can run.
true they have their problems but my va is pretty good about getting things vets need. it was prior management that was screwing around with me. that has all changed since 2016-2017


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Man, I have so many holsters aquired throughout the years for different CCWs. Currently I have started using the Clinger holsters which have no belt clip. I find them extremely comfortable and they really do stay put. That being said, I am retired & haven't carried using my Clingers while doing lots of twisting motion like loading a pickup or stacking wood etc.. So I can't speak to how well they stay put under those conditions.


I just got the setup for my Springfield XD- I went with a tier1 holster, kore belt. Perfect and best out there in my option 37C4BD16-EB87-4B2E-A01B-7459CE3EAE78.jpeg37C4BD16-EB87-4B2E-A01B-7459CE3EAE78.jpeg

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