Holster For Gym Clothes?


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Hey all.

New to the forums. Trying narrow down holsters/carry options that will work for me. I just swapped a S&W Shield .40 for a S&W Bodyguard 380. Loved the shield but I’d have to change my entire wardrobe to use it EDC.

I’m 6ft , 230lb athletic build, and work as a trainer so I’m mostly in gym shorts. I’ve thought about belly bands but don’t have experience with them.

Any suggestions?

I highly suggest checking out the PHLSTER Enigma. I use this as my main method of carrying as of late unless I'm wearing pants with a belt which I'll then use my Kydex holster.
I whole heartedly second lukem's recommendation. I now own 3 Phlster Enigmas. I've tried several different belly bands and I couldn't get any of them to not print. The Enigmas was a game changer. I carry anything from a CZ P-01 with a Holosun EPS Carry down to a Ruger LCR. My normal gym gun is a Hellcat with a dot sight and I have no trouble concealing it of doing any exercise in the gym. It does take some tweaking since everyone's bodies and need are different but it is well worth the effort. They have a group on FB with copious amounts of helpful info to help you get it dialed in if you have any trouble.

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