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I recently purchased a S&W M&P 40 and have yet to follow through with a holster. From browsing and reading comments, I am leaning towards the BlackHawk Serpa. The holster would not be worn all the time. Easily concealed and OWB would be the preferences, but being rather new holsters, I'm open for suggestions.

The main issue with deciding on a holster is toying with an idea for a light. I like the size and price of the TLR-3. Adding a light, unfortunately, changes the selection of holsters. Are there any suggestions that specifically consider the M&P 40 and the TLR-3? About the best (limited to browsing) I've seen is Raven's Phantom. The main issue I am worried about is that it appears rough -- in construction, not materials.

Hopefully I am on the right track, but I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks for the replies. The Fobus gets a lot of recommendations it seems. I would have originally purchased one along with the MP, but they were out of stock. The idea of the lock on the Blackhawk seemed like a nice addition over the Fobus after doing some research.


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Dave, I am looking for a holster for my SD40, do you have a model or part # on that Blackhawk holster?

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Puppet, Raven Concealment Systems has a holster model called the Phantom which is light compatible for a number of different rail-mounted lights, including the Streamlight TLR-3. I have a Phantom for my 1911 and a Streamlight TLR-2. The holster works fine...it's solid, and has great retention. However, it's made of kydex which makes draws a little noisier. I have no connection with Raven Concealment Systems except as a customer.

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Thanks Old Zebra for the details on the Phantom. I will probably swing that way. At a bare minimal, it will be a good start for future decisions regarding holsters. Thanks again.


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Use the contact link and send a message to Pavel Manev... Ask him to make the holster for the pistol with the light you choose. I have one of his custom Kydex holsters for my M&P45 with the light attached... He does really good work... Look for his stuff on Facebook...

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