Holster Advice for a Big Fella


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First of all, i'm new to these forums, and to carrying a firearm. I would like to thank everyone in advance - for your help. I normally avoid asking questions that are this open ended, but after doing a little research, I haven't made much progress in making a decision on a holster.

To get to the reason for the post: What kind of concealed holster would you recommend for a bigger guy? I'm linking a picture of myself in "casual" wear - this is similar to what I wear whenever I'm not working. And for the record, the shirt in the picture is a bit snug - and my pants aren't usually that low. :)

When I'm working I'm usually in dress pants with a button down shirt and tie. If you would recommend different holsters (for casual and work) I'm not opposed to purchasing two. Also, a lot of times for work I'll have my firearm in my vehicle as I'm constantly in and out of client's offices. So my focus is for more for casual wear.

My carry weapon is a Glock 27.

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