Hogue Monogrip & Safariland speedloader for Ruger GP-100

Ryan H

New member
Just got this stuff in the mail today and tried it out. If any of you have a GP-100 with stock grips, I highly recommend this if you have smaller hands. For me, the Hogue Monogrip points much more naturally and feels a lot better in my hands. It seems to sit the pistol a little lower as well, but maybe that's just my perception.

Next up is the Safariland speedloader. I got the basic "fast" one but not the competition model. All I have to say is with the stock grip, it didn't want to work right, but after I put the slimmer Hogue grip in, it works flawlessly. You simply line the cartridges into the cylinder and push down and they drop in quick..

That is all. :)

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