HK416 (MR223) on AR lower


I really like the HK416, and have seen that it is going to be released to civilians as a Semi Auto version - MR223. My question is will the MR223 upper work correctly on a standard AR15 lower? I want to build one very soon - before Nancy Pelosi gets her way - and want to at least go ahead and purchase a lower (or two) and get the upper when I have the $$$.

I saw a couple of forums discussing this, but they all turned into a giant pissing match... duh... :(

So, I turn to you all - my edgimicated 2A friends! :)


I too am in the market to pick up a couple of lowers.
Thinking of building another varminter and a just-for-fun-carbine...
HK416 on AR lower

The HK uppers will fit all mil-spec. lowers. Because of the standard match trigger, I highly recommend Rock River lowers but any should fit.
Just checked with Wikapedia, They quote, "It is available as a complete firearm, or as an upper receiver kit that fits on any AR-15 type lower receiver."
So, let's say there is a AWB put back in place - would that include AR Parts (not lower receivers) or just the "weapon" it's self? I'm thinking of just buying a whole mess of lowers, and build them as I get the time/money...
I'm with you guys. I'm going to try and pick up at least one more lower. 2 or 3 would be better. I have a 16" carbine but want to build a 20" stainless precision rifle.

I'm thinking that a dem will win so a buddy and I are scooping up beta-c mags

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