Hillary now says she is pro-gun


Liberty or Death
Hillary is trying to pass herself off as pro-gun, now that Obama tried it.

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Don't beleive this bullcrap, if she gets elected, you'll see just how "pro-gun" she really is. :12:


Hillary and Bill tried to KILL the 2nd amendment when they were in charge last time. They will not change and will say anything to get elected. Hillary has a solid F from the NRA as does Mr. Obama. Do not believe a single word out of the mouths of liars and deceivers.:mp230603214546Murde
SO much BS

Just one time before I die I would like to vote on a President and not have to pick the lesser of two evils
I am just so glad she cleared up that little misunderstanding. I guess it's now unanimous--she's the best choice for President!

All Hillery has proven to me is that she is a LIER! I think she learned it from her hubby. :angry: This person really pisses me off!!
Clinton or O'Bama???

In my opinion, if you can see their lips moving, they are lying!!! They both have deliberately earned their "F" rating from the NRA!! While I am not a great fan of McCain he still seems to be the lessor of three evils. That is really sad when we have a choice of the lessor of evils instead of the person who should truly have the presidency!
I don't know how anyone can be so gullible as to believe a single word a politician says. All you have to do is to look at their track record as to how they vote on these issues. That is one thing that they can not change or wish away. Do a little digging and you will see the real person how they vote is a much better way to judge them.

And then they come back with great lines like, " I actually did vote for the war before I voted against it." Now how can you argue with that? All the hallmarks of a great leader there boy!

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