High Caliber Gun and Knife Show in Fort Worth, Texas

To all my DFW Friends... just wondering if any of you will be attending the Gun and Knife show at the Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth this weekend. Show details below... hope to see you there! :)

Will Rogers Center, Ft. Worth, TEXAS
December 19 - 20
Sat 9-5 Sun 10-4
Adults $8 - under 12 Free
(817) 871-8150
Free Parking

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Hey matthewaynenelson: Let me know what your opinion is of the FIST. As I said, I purchased one but will not see it for about 6 weeks or so. They do have a return policy if I am not happy and a heads up on its design would be nice to hear, particularly since you are still looking and do not have a stake in one holster or another. I always feel that when I or others talk up a product that we have, we tend to be a little more positve on it than if we did not own it already.
PS: Tried out my thigamigig Mikes Holster with inner tube adjustments--Also added a thickened piece made of several layers of the inner tube at the point where a thumb push would normally be--it really works well! Just looks like hell--but its in my pocket doin its job--who cares. Still getting the FIST just because I can.

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