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If he is not into Guns, shooting, and only needs defense, get him a used revolver.


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78FXS:227345 said:
I have had good shooting with Hi Point .45,good ammo and cheap ran through it no problem and have always shot good groups.Yea it's cheap but so what.
I bought the 9mm carbine last weekend and can't believe how well it shoots out of the box.A LEO was at the range and wanted to try it.I thought he missed the target altogether until I realized his 4 were in the bulls eye (30') not bad.
Just my 2 cents.My carry is a Glock though.

Ok now if my gun right are ever taken away I'm getting a booking to put that cop in, he'd be a good bodyguard.


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We got the Hi-Point C9. We have about 500 rounds through the gun and have not had an issue. The only issue we had was my brother dropped the gun and cracked the grip. We called hi-point and they sent us a new grip, no question asked.


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I saw a Hi-Point at a gun show this year, cheapest looking gun I ever seen. I'm sure it shoots fine but it doesn't give me confidence that its accurate or reliable.


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I sell a lot of Hi-points in all calibers. I get all kinds of people wanting them. I live in a town where its "live in idaho, buy a firearm", which is interesting because those that want them, are not allowed to purchase a firearm in idaho. Hi-points are ugly, heavy, cheap, and industrial strength. I recommend buying a hi-point to the person that wants a cheap plinker or the person that goes everywhere. I've seen truckers, bikers, and avid hunters alike buying these. With these types, its all because they want one to beat up and not feel bad about. Hi-points, I have seen the good and the bad and it honestly boils down to personal opinion.


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Everyone that has come through my CCW classes has worked very well. I agree that they are big and ugly, however the main thing you should be interested in is . Do they go bang every time you pull the trigger? The many ones
that I have seen do. I had a chance to shoot one in 9mm. From 21' all of the six rounds I fired where in the
X-ring. It shot as well as my Colt 1911. Don't forget they are waranteed for life, if they break,just send it
back and the company will replace it. Don't forget the 4 main rules of gun safety while at the range


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For any of you who are familiar with "Nutnfancy" on YouTube, he did a review of the Hi-Point C9. I am enclosing a link to the video review. First and foremost, I have to say in favor of the C9, that it is AFFORDABLE and ACCURATE. If finances are an issue, this is absolutely the piece to buy. Nutnfancy gives a fair, balanced, hands-on review of this Hi-Point pistol, and it's worth taking the time to watch.

I know some folks would say, "Save up and buy something lighter, something prettier, etc..." Don't you think if people like myself, who are on a very tight budget, have considered this? I would rather be armed with this than unarmed for the several months it would take to save up for something that is no more accurate. I am not concerned with looks, and as far as weight is concerned, the extra pound is something I have become familiar with and grown accustomed to. When I fire other 9mms that are lighter, I find myself eager to get my hand around the grips of my familiar C9. So, it comes down to the question, then: WOULD I buy a different gun, providing finances were not an issue? Yes. And I have. But my C9 is still my primary. Not only that, it is also my primary CCW carry. I carry a 357 snubbie on my ankle, and it shoots like a dream, but nothing puts a smile on my face like firing my balls-on, deadly-accurate Hi-Point C9.

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