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Hey, just thought I'd kick this section off. Any others from Ohio?

Live in DeKalb County, Indiana & work in Fulton County, Ohio. Drive all the way across Williams County, Ohio to get there. Employer is a CPZ.
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HEY, I am....small world :D Twinsburg, Ohio...no.......there's not a second one (twin), but we are the world capital of the twinsburg (freak) twinsday festival. Have nothing against twins, esecially when it's two cuties, exactly the same, but it's kinda freaky when during the week long event anywhere you go, walmart, mcD's ... twins everywhere. Last year over 5,000 sets of twins. City is located about 24 miles S.E. of cleveland and 20 miles N. of Akron. The two "black holes" of our region. Tax's sucked up. Graduation rates of 50% (and they are proud to have them that high.) School shooting in Cleveland, just the other day. Akron has a shortage of pizza drivers from there being hunted by "thugs". :eek: sorry for the rant. I love the city I live in, but we are thinking of moving WAY south. Got an acre here. Where we grew up (parma and wife was from Eastlake) acre is lots, but now we realize MORE IS BETTER :)
Thought I had posted here once, oh well...

Hey welcome all of you buckeyes. Have been a CCW since 2004 and carry all of the time. Enjoying some 40 degree weather right now and that is not normal for January. i
From Ohio

I am from Mansfield originally, wife is from Columbus. I am at Ft. Bragg currently serving in the Army. I am up for leave and was wondering the requirements for purchasing a hand gun here. In NC I already have a permit to purchase but was wondering if I need a permit to purchase here. Any help would be great!

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