Hey, Kahr lovers...My new PM45

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Finally found a PM45

I went to try and find some BLC2 powder for my 223 reloads and I came back with a Kahr PM45. First thing I did was to see if it would fit my Kydex IWB tuckable holster I made for my PM9 and it did. It doesn't quite fill all the way down but it does Lock in it. So I didn't have to make a holster for it tonight. I will later though. Anyway I digress..as soon as I got home it was dark so I set up a target in my shop at about 25'. I ran about 50 rds of ball ammo through it and it never missed a lick. I then fired 25 rds of JHP with the same results. It's now my new carry firearm. My PM9 is now relegated to home defense duty and vehicle CC backup. Recoil is just a little more than my PM9 and a lot better than my Para Ord P10. All I can say is sweet, sweet...sweet!

Comparing my PM45 to my PM9










What will you buy the next time you go looking for powder?
Hopefully Powder! I still haven't found any...:mad: But if something else pops up I'll have to take it home!:biggrin:
:pleasantry:Hello group...
Just joined. Recently purchased a P45 to replace my Taurus Millenium Pro PT111 for CC in cooler months...
Have a KelTek P32 for my summer carry. Liked shooting the Kahr. Seems strong and reliable... Very happy with this purchase.
Anybody have any ideas on taking sharpness off of grips though... Rough on hands after 100 rounds...
Welcome to the forum, Marty. What you need is a Slip-On grip sleeve or do what I do and use a small bycycle tube cut to fit over the grip. Either works great and will give you more grip control.
Never thought of the inner tube. Will defintely have to try that... Thought about taking some 600 grit or higher sand paper to them just to remove the sharp edges. I like your idea better...
Hello gang,

Started having problems with range ammo brass hanging up when the last round in the clip is fired... Doesn't do it with honarady 230gr +P hollowpoints, just MagTech 230gr. fmc range ammo. Anyone have this happen? Gun has 150 rounds thru it with no jams or miss-fires... Just has trouble ejecting last round... Has a sharp groove cut into casing rim...

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