Hero girl recovering after shooting


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now this is just sad.

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How could a convict on parole have a gun. Would that not be illegal. I thought laws would prevent things like this from happening. :mad:

Anyway, that is very sad. I am glad they are both alive and hope she has a full recovery.
All I can say it's sad, and the shooter needs to FRY! (although I can think of other things that should happen to him)
Now it's times like these that I think "why doesn't everyone who can, carry"? I know the anti's are screaming gun control over this poor little girl but, had the driver or the Mother herself been armed as well..........?

What a sweet little girl too. I'm sure her disability had nothing to do with her trying to save her Mother, it's the unconditional love us parents and children have for one another. It's why I started carrying; to protect my loved one's and myself and to make it home to my son no matter what I have to deal with. Everyday until he doesn't need me anymore.
It is sad, but the saddest part is some politician will use that as a reason to restrict legal firearm ownership!!!! I hope the SOB burns for what he did.

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