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You walk into a barber shop to get a haircut. It’s not your normal shop and they ask you to remove your jacket for the cut. You do, your firearm is exposed but the barber says nothing and you proceed w/ the cut.

About halfway through the cut the police walk in and long story short you’ve been MWAG’d. After things have been straightened out ( You explain to the cops that you have a permit, the barber is the one who made you expose your gun , Colorado is an OC state anyway, no one said a word about your gun or asked you to leave they just called the cops. Etc, Etc, Etc.) The cops leave your cut is finished the barber is standing there w/ his hand out

Do you pay him?


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Yes, he gets paid for the service rendered. Tip, no way. Frequent his shop again, no way.



Bullet Proof
To Clarify
The scenario is hypothetical

The Barber called the cops

Would you pay if he gave you a crappy haircut?
if he gave a bad haircut probably would still... idk i wouldnt go back.. but i would have asked while he called or when he asked to be paid why he did call the police... especially if he knew me and i have been goin to him for a while.


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Pay for services rendered, but no tip. Alot of times the BEST advertisement is by word of mouth, I would make sure word of the incident was spread to everyone I know. I doubt I would go back to his shop.


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I don't pay if my hair isn't cut correctly or if they made a mistake (major mistake like shaving all my hair off or can't seem to get what I want, which is hard cause I basically get a buzz cut 2 on top 1 on sides fade and block). Now to the original question, I always make sure my gun is covered when I go to the barber because I never know what I'm going to run into. Same as if I go to the store.


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yes. he provided you with a service. and you dont know if he called the cops.. i assume he didnt since you didnt mention it in your scenerio

That's where I'm at. Service provided and completed, compensation required.

Now if you've been asked to leave by that same individual that's refusing your business and creates a problem. Someone can't simply refuse your business then ask for compensation now can they. But again, if service is rendered and complete, compensation should come without argument.


Something like that could very well happen in a "beauty salon", but not in any barber shop that I've ever been to. :no: But like you said, "hypothetical".


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I would pay him because I would not have got into this mess in the first place. If the barber is too dumb to cut my hair with my jacket on, I'll find another barber. I NEVER need a haircut that bad.


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Pay for what you owe and don't go back. Pay for a bad cut? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how bad. When the barber says, "Oops." You know it can't be good. I still have a second free cut from last place the cut my hair bad. There is no expiration on the card. I should give it to my son the next time he needs one! LOL

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