heres a fun thought, national second amendment day!!!


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ok so we have holidays for the presidents, and veterans, we have a black history month, and a 4th of july, how about a national second amendment day. where you wear your guns with more pride than usual, haha. and im from boston so im here in liberal central. they love tooting their horns for their causes so how about we do the same. does anyone else think this is an interesting idea?

Good idea IF we can get sufficient participation. Several million Americans exercising their right to open carry where they can legally do so would be very enlightening for many who are oblivious to these issues. Those 'behind the lines' in states with more restrictions could do the 'empty holster' carry and explain why it's empty.

To be successful, there would need to be a substation number of people involved, and they would have to avoid going commando, mall ninja, etc. What we need is millions of normal, hardworking, solid citizen people making it clear they want their right to keep and bear recognized.
i agree, and think there is a thing called the day of silence, in schools anyway, where people wear black and rainbow ribbons and dont talk at all to show how gays have been "silenced" we should do something like that for carrying, everyone carrys their holsters empty, and in the open, be it shoulder or hip, nothing illegal about it, and it is a statement
and yea i agree with that march idea, something should be orginized iff and god for bid, obama should win.

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