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The link above will take you to the SC Senate page on new and pending bills before the judiciary committee. THis one S1259 introduced April 2 (yesterday) requires laser encoding of ammunition which we all know doesn't work and costs a fortune. It's time once again to contact your legislators and demand they kill this meaningless law or we will be paying dollars per round instead of cents per round.


Yep, thanks for keeping us informed about these incredibly short sited politicians we have. Whatever happened to common sense?? I'll be contacting my reps again....
And here I thought our state elected Idiots were better that most other state elected Idiots! :(
I checked Grassroots and they have nothing about it on their site. I fired off an email to the president so they can get something started on their end. After reading it again I realized that after 2012 reloading will become illegal. All non stamped ammo has to be disposed of by that date. I doubt they will stamp components for reloading and the paperwork will be a nightmare. This has to be stopped!
Can you give us the names of the elected officials who

submitted this crap. (sorry). I'm going to be regionally prejudice here and say... I bet or at least seriously hope they were not born in this state. In other words I can't imagine any native south carolinian even considering submitting something like this... it would not only take an idiot with no knowledge of our state and countries history to submit this, but they have got to be from somewhere else... like I say, I hope.
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It was introduced and sponsored by Senator Elliott. He doesn't have a good batting average. he has sponsored 39 bills and had 9 passed. i don't think this one will go anywhere since it was introduced so late in the legilative session and I just read this:

it is likely this bill was introduced only to help Sen. Elliott with fund raising from anti-gun groups and to cause concern in the pro-gun community.
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I looked it up and then looked up his official bio...

needless to say I was surprised and dismayed to find out he is a fellow native South Carolinian... so much so that I sent him an email telling him so.

Sorry if this insults any of you implants... but I can allow you an excuse. He was born and raized in this state and should know better.... you must be right in that he is just trying to score points with that lobby....

Being from 'Whorey' county.... and Myrtle Beach I don't really consider that part of the state anyway.
Horry county remember him in November! He does have a challenger.
Senate Distict 28: Dick Elliott (D, incumbent), William McKown (R, challenger) Myrtle Beach
I tried to find a web site for McKown and couldn't find one. I'd like to make a donation to his campaign!
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