Here is the SOP for street to street fighting


PEW Professional
I can think of two reasons to train for mall assault right of the top of my head...

1. Anti-Terrorism training. If I were a terrorist, I would have a look at anyplace lots of people concentrate,
Including malls...

2. Don't you think they have malls all over the world?
Wouldn't training for a mall assault in another country be conducted here rather than transporting our teams to another country and potentially have out tactics compromised at the same time?

At least training here could have a reasonable chance of not having the details posted on 'You Tube'!


I don't 'Worry',
Worry is for women that are scared of everything because they don't understand the mechanics of the situation.
First off, it would be SUICIDE for any military organization to invade the USA.
There are more firearms in this country than there are people!
We are the most heavily armed country in the world!

And since we have the highest murder rate per capita than any other country, we are more than willing to use those firearms.

I have a little collage Psychology, and they call that, "Chronic Paranoia With Homicidal Tendencies"...
And I'm no exception,
Vary rarely am I more than a few steps from a loaded Firearm, so I'm NOT excluding myself...

Just a few cheap handguns (Liberators) dropped into occupied France killed more German troops than anything other than the D-day invasion.
Armed resistance is the nightmare of ANY occupation force.


So, What I'm trying to get across is,
We have 65 days (and counting) of 2.5 Million gallons a day of oil gushing into the gulf,
Which is killing fishing, shrimping, ect. right now,
And it's getting into the wet lands that will kill off the breeding grounds for most of the seafood we eat.

It's happening RIGHT NOW, and that needs more attention than a possible suicidal invasion force.

Also consider the 55,000 oil wells out there RIGHT NOW that can do exactly the same thing to all our coast lines.


Consider the buying of oil from countries that support terrorism, drug production and import to the US, ect.
You can reduce the money that is going to terrorism and drug producing countries.

It costs about as much for a solar panel as a good rifle (around $500 for a really top of the line panel),
And I'm typing right now on 100% solar produced power, not one penny of my energy money went to terrorism.
The entire house and garage, water well, ect. is all run off of 12 panels, stored in US made batteries, and converted to home power through US made inverters.

The Middle East and communist south american producers can kiss my butt!


How about NOT buying from Wal-Mart or any where that imports everything from CHINA.

China is STILL producing chemicals, steel, and finished explosives/weapons to countries like Iran that DIRECTLY support terrorism and Arms to groups like the Taliban...

I don't buy ANYTHING at Wally-World...
And I don't buy ANYTHING marked 'Made In China'.

Why anyone would support a country that is making the bombs and bullets that are killing our troops and tourists,
Well, that's beyond me!


Even my firearms are US MADE,
I Don't buy 'Junk', and the best firearms made in the world are made right here in the USA...
So is the Ammo! No reason for me to support a country that supplies 'Yard Sale Junk' to us, and supplies bullets & bombs to the terrorists trying to kill us!


If you want to be an 'Activist',

Then get off your butt and actually DO SOMETHING rather than finding new things to 'Worry' about instead of DOING SOMETHING!

Like my grandpa used to say to people standing around when they were supposed to be working...


I didn't read anything past the bold.... what the hells the matter with you?

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