Here is the letter I sent about Madam Speaker


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Speaker of the House Pelosi has overstepped her bounds. I do not appreciate the verbiage she has put forth asking for firearm registration and prohibiting firearms from crossing state lines. I am a hunter and a former competitive shooter and I can tell you that this does not pass the sniff test of constitutional law in the least. Please do not support H.R. 45 or any other legislation that will limit the ability of the average American to hunt, travel, or compete in firearms events across state lines while lawfully possessing a firearm. As for her scheme of registration...every single time registration has occurred in other nations in the past it has lead to confiscation. This is not acceptable in the least. I would strongly urge the Congress and the Senate to consider some form of censure or a vote of no confidence for Madam Speaker Pelosi. She clearly does not have the best interests of the American people or the Constitution of the United States at heart.

I did not want to hi-jack the registration thread.

Please copy and edit this as you will and send it to your politicians. Let them know how you feel!!!

NRA-ILA :: Action Center

this link will let you get them all at once


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A typical response will be "No we will not come for your guns" and if you believe that I have this bridge for sale in NY....


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Response to Rep. Glenn Nye D-VA

This is what I sent in under the international relations for Congressman Nye.

I really want to know how any house Democrat can stand behind Speaker Pelosi. I am losing confidence in the congressional institution more and more everyday. She has been allowed to run roughshod over the American public and continues to dismantle the Constitution. She needs to be brought to rein or I and my family will definitely be voting republican next election. She comes across as a loon and has no business deciding what's best for america when she doesn't know. She has been in Washington far to long and has lost touch with the values that have this country great. Please I urge you take action against this stain upon our great American way of life.

Thank you.

Jim Jackson

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