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I really don't know where to post this, so this forum wins!

I saw this over at the site and thought you folks might like to see it here. If this has been posted before, please accept my apology.

Thanks for all you folks do for us who carry and exercise our protected rights.

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You started the thread in the correct forum. Sorry, but I beat you to it the other day and no apology is necessary.:D Link Removed
Here is the TSA's info on travel. You also need to check with the specific airline you are traveling. They often have additional rules.

Here are some links to specific airlines from the NRA

Below are links to information from specific airlines.
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Thanks to both of you!
That is some good info.
I work for an airline,and I don't like long drives anyway,but if I do take a long drive this info will be very helpful.
Anyone know a good site for regs for air travel with firearm?

seeing as how the airlines almost change their regulations on a daily basis, probably the best thing to do is contact the airline you are traveling on not too long before you fly.
Not being a suckup or anything, but I found the permit map here to be just as useful and easier to operate.

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