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many years ago after my father passed away i lost interest in firearms and let my firearms owners identification card expire. what are the posible problems that may arise for an ilinois resident . any info is greatly appreciated.

The answer is simple.... MOVE to a state that will respect your right and privacy to own a firearm. Sorry if that sounds harsh but can’t help the way I feel about that subject.
Move is a not a very good answer for someone in need and a first time poster.... First of welcome to the forum. But I am afraid I have no answers, maybe some of our Illinois viewers can respond or you could go to the state forum section and post your question there...
Actually as long as you have your old expired card, you can POSSESS. You just cannot do any transactions, such as buying or selling guns or ammo. :pleasantry:

It is a simple process to replace. The cost is now abut $15 to have it done for you but lasts for ten years now.

As for moving, where else can you experience mafiaso politics first hand, oops, forgot we have a Chicago presidente' now. :wacko:

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