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Tried this somewhere else. Maybe better response here...
Should be getting my Kahr PM9 in about a week. Seemed like the perfect everyday gun for me. Then I went to another carry site and heard a lot of bad things about Kahrs. Especially the polymer models. Hope I did the right thing? Come on guys, tell me some good stuff. Thanks,

What I can tell you is a friend of mine has a couple of there models one is your's. He carrys one or the other daily, loves them. they are rated to be right up there. You will here good and bad on any brand. I would have to beleave they are of good quality.
Out of all my handguns and I carry a Kahr PM9 all the time and couldn't be happier. They are well made, tight, accurate and feed just about anything you want to use. They are expensive though. For CC they are an ideal size and weight. There are quite a few people here that own and carry Kahrs.
I carry a PM40 everyday. Just remember it is a highly concealable defensive pistol and not designed to be shot several thousand rounds. Shoot it enough to break it in and see what it likes to eat. Most complaints come from the recoil spring. There are two ways to put it in. The right way and the wrong way. If you put it in backwards you have to send it to the factory to get it repaired. Make sure when you clean it to watch how it comes apart. You will love it.
I have the CW9 and I'm very happy with it. It's very accurate. With the CW9, and I think the PM9 is the same, they recommend putting 200 rounds through it to break it in. I've never had a malfunction with mine.

One odd thing; In the owners manual it says to only use the slide release to allow a locked slide to go forward. It specifically says don't pull back on the slide and release it or you could cause damage to the pistol. This is only to release the slide from the locked position.

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