Help with Crimson Trace

So, I got my CTC Grips in. Installed them on my Kimber- and they're nice!

I am having a problem with the on/off switch though :(

When I turn the switch to 'OFF' the laser still works? When I first got it - it was in the off position and I had to turn it on to make it function.

I also noticed that if I put it to off and don't mess with it for about an hour the switch works..

Is this the way its intended to be?

Just checked mine... Up is ON and DOWN is off in regards to your switch. The manual states that you do not save any battery life by having the switch in the off position as long as the laser is not being activated. The switch is somewhat stiff going from on to off. Be sure it moves fully to the off position. Also the manual states both batteries should be installed withe the + side facing up.

Hope this helps

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