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New member yet another anti-2A op-ed. It's on my Yahoo homepage: Link Removed
The worst part is that it starts with "I'm a gun owner and 2A supporter" and then procedes to support gun control legislation. Someone please rip this guy a new one.

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John E. Rosenthal is cofounder of Stop Handgun Violence, the American Hunters and Shooters Association, and Common Sense About Kids and Guns.
Given the foregoing, what makes you think that any response, articulate or otherwise, is going to fall on fertile ground for a writer with such an obvious agenda?
Let's get this out of the way. I am a gun owner and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.
An obvious lie: how can one who purports to be a "staunch" supporter of the 2nd ignore the dictate that it "shall not be infringed"?

I call bullshit.
The guy obviously doesn't know the facts. Terrorists will purchase a "bunch" of low cost ($200 or so) AK-47 rifles as their firearm of choice. A .50 BMG rifle will cost around $3,000 (on the low end, and possibly pre-owned), It's a numbers game. Any "sensible" person can figure out that the "terrorists" would rather purchase 15 guns rather than just one that would fire a single shot at a time. The ammo for a .50 BMG costs around $5 if you're lucky! A box of 20 7.62x39 (AK-47 ammo) runs around the same cost of a single .50 BMG round. Again, "sensible" folks realize that the root word in "terrorist" is "terror". It's a lot easier to instill "terror" by shooting off 20 rounds than it is to fire just one.

What gets me about this guy is that he knows NOTHING about the drug problem here in Hawaii. We've got international smugglers bringing in stuff from the Philippines, Asia, then exporting it to the states. We have MANY "thugs" who illegally carry firearms yet citizens aren't allowed to get a carry permit. Somehow these "criminals" are getting their guns somewhere. We have a 14 day waiting period for EACH handgun purchase. Somehow the "criminals" manage to get handguns.

The guy is a co-founder of "The American Hunters and Shooters Association". Why pick on the .50 BMG? He's obviously confused as to what a skilled shooter can do with your average hunting rifle. He leaves out the fact that the majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens that use their firearms for legitimate purposes.

He says he's "staunch supporter of the Second Amendment". If that's the case then why spew all of this "anti" propaganda? Why bash the NRA, and make such claims such as "NRA policies handcuff national law enforcement's ability to effectively regulate private gun shows...." Have NRA policies now become national law? Does he know anything about the law making process and the judicial system? NRA is a non-profit organization that has an interest. This is protected by the Constitution of the United States. "The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence" is a non-profit organization as well. They have the same rights and protections of the Constitution that NRA has. If guns are the problem, then why is the NRA so much more "powerful" than the "Brady Campaign"?

Ektarr is right on the money. There's no reasoning with this kind of individual. Most "sensible" people will understand reason and figure out what's true and what's outright BS. This guy would buy my ocean front property in Topeka, KS if I quote him a good price. ;)

I can do the research and come up with an "articulate" response, but in the case of this jacka$$, don't think it will make an impact.

You can reach Mr. Rosenthal at: 1212 West St. Carlisle, MA 01741 (I couldn't find a response link on the site. Got the contact information from a public internet database.)


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