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I went to the range the other day. But not the indoor one I always go to. this one is owned and run by the county ( Indian River). I not sure I liked it or not. Maybe it was because it was new to me. When I go to the indoor range, you go in get set up in your own stall and push a button and send your target to the distance you have it set for. Bring it back when ever you want to check your shots. At the county range they have a lot of rules! I know I know for safety, as it should be!!! but there you need to do a lot of shoot now! Don't shoot now! step back behind the white line, go get your tagarts... Very military like!:eek:

I feel your pain.

Never have shot indoors. Like the shooting outdoors at a DNR range in Southern Michigan. Just people shooting thier guns at paper. We all ask each other if everyone is ready to shoot, then we all shoot. When we're all outta bullets, we all go down and change our targets (25 yrds to 100 yrds.) Never been an accident or accidential discharge. About 10 people would be there at once. Sounds like a war zone. Lots of fun with people sharing your interests.
Indoor ranges are fun when the booth is big enough . I get back blast from person next to me, and Use both ear plugs and elec.ear muffs when in doors. Range rules are a cya for all of us.
The out door ranges are slightly different,but i also prefer an outdoor range to indoors.More room and not as hot or loud.The one here in hernando county is much safer than any indoor range in the area since they have a lot more range officers who do a great job.There are times like stated that you have to stop so everyone can change their targets and such,but worth the time to me.
range prices

Do any of you find the price a factor?

I actually find the outdoor ranges to be cheaper,around here anyways.The indoor ranges usually charge by the hour,usually around 8 to 10 dollars an hour,sometimes more.The outdoor range charges 10 dollars for adults and 8 for children under twelve i believe,could vary a dollar or so since it`s been a while,but outdoors is one price for the time you are there,1 hour or whole day,doesn`t matter.Plus i like the safety of all the range officers and the booths are decent size to fit two shooters at a time.

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