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Hey guys, so I'm a new York transplant going to school and living in west Philly right now. I had my PA license and residency here for a while, but for a number of reasons I had to switch back to being a NY resident.

I bought a couple handguns while i had my PA license and as you probably know I can't bring them back to NY without a lot of crap, which I am trying to much through. Since NY does not issue unrestricted permits easily, I cannot get a PA permit to carry. I do have a Florida permit though, which I can carry on here.

My question though, can I legally hang onto these guns and carry them here and I'm other reciprocal states as long as they stay at my PA address I maintain and do not take them into NY? Or am I somehow illegally possessing these guns? I was always under the impression i was okay until a friend said I should re check. Any thoughts? I know this is long, sorry, but I appreciate it

Whoa...ya got a lot goin'-on there...

1. I am "NOT" an attorney in any state - of any sort.

2. Your Friend is a good, smart Friend...keep him/her.

3. You lost me here a couple of times, and I think it's because you typed this quickly, and may not have read it back to yourself - slowly - and we all tend to read what others write more slowly than what we write ourselves (if you did read it back, you read it waaaay too fast).

Please allow me to point-out the spots that seem a bit confusing. I think if you iron those out, you're much more likely to get a good, solid, dependable answer that you can rely on:

You wrote: "...which I am trying to much through." ~ Is this "trying to "MARCH" through", please?

You wrote: "...does not issue unrestricted permits easily,..." ~ I'd say: "if you try some times, you just might find, ya get what ya need" (Stones) ... don't give-up on this part...this is still America, and you DO still have a 2nd Amendment RIGHT ...

You wrote: "and I'm other reciprocal states" ~ did you mean "IN other reciprocal states?

I cannot answer your specific question(s), but here's my gut feeling on it:

1. Again, I am NOT a lawyer, so do not quote me, and PLEASE stay-on TOP of this (it's YOUR baby) until you KNOW what's what.

2. I "believe" you are legit in "possessing" these arms in PA (and in this instance I am referring to "possessing" as basic, legal OWNership).

3. I can only assume in your final paragraph you are referring to "concealed" carry (?). THIS, is where I am feeling less confident for you. I "believe" you're good to go with OPEN carry there (in PA), but without a permit I would absolutely NOT conceal ANY firearm - anywhere.

Again, I believe your legal "ownership" is not in question. Further, I believe (if I am understanding things here) that you can open carry. However, I would thoroughly follow-up and follow-through with the NY process(es). And I'm not sure I'm clear on your FL standing (holding a Florida permit). Perhaps this fact could aid your situation, somehow?

You're doing the RIGHT thing here...you're smart to ask. But you really MUST have every "T" crossed and "i" dotted to satisfy the letter of the law(s). You do not want to jepordize the whole deal by being impatient or imprudent. Make it happen man.

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sorry about the convoluted first post...i was writing on my phone and thought it came out a lot better than it did.

anyway, i am in the process of obtaining my New York permit. It is not easy, and new york is extremely restrictive for arbitrary reasons. that being said, the process has been started. i have held a florida permit for quite some time, and have carried it numerous times. i do not think my ability to conceal a firearm has been affected by moving to new york, as my permit is still honored by PA.

i believe you are right that i am still legally allowed to possess these guns in PA, because there is not registration scheme or anything like that. i am not a restricted person, and they are not illegal guns. as far as i can see that is the end of the story. my friend that brought the question up was a new yorker and thought that because i moved i wasnt registering my guns properly. i sort of laughed, but then i decided i should ask. this isnt a question about my permit, that i am confident with, but more of are out of state residents allowed to possess guns in PA.

again, sorry for the confusing first post. i will refrain from posting from my phone from now on haha. thank you for the speedy answer

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