Heating Oil vs Ammo


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How are you guys doing on spending? Are you spending less $ on ammo and saving for this winters fuel/Gas? You need ammo for practicing etc. but on the other hand with the cost of fuel some of us cannot do this! I kind of slowed down on the purchasing of ammo for now (hope my shooting range does not make me shoot more...lol) and start saving for the winter. Buy next spring I'll be looking into loadng my own ammo.
As of right now, I got both oil tanks filled which was done back in April and 4 tons of pellets, so hopefully I should be all set (3 cords of wood for back-up/JUST IN CASE) for the season.

WOW must be nice i love wood stoves and fire places. We rent right now and will being doing so till all this crap with the housing market slows down. I don' want to buy a house just to have it taken back by the bank. On top of that Gas to heat the home is murder as of right now. So it's cheaper and less on the wallet renting right now and having every thing but power included in the rent. On the plus side that means more money for guns/toys for the guns and ammo.

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