Heading to NC for a 4 day class. Need to verify some laws.


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I am headed to UNC to take a 4 day class and want to make sure I follow the laws properly. I read the NC laws page here and there are two items I want to check on.

I noted that I cannot carry on school grounds (same in SC) however, what is the law as far as leaving it in the vehicle while in school?
Places off-limits when carrying:
• Any public or private school building or bus, campus, grounds, recreation area, athletic fields or other property used or owned by an edicational institution.

And I will be staying in a hotel that has a restaurant area that I assume serves alchohol. Does that prohibit me from the hotel with the firearm, or just from that area?
• Any assembly where a fee had been charged for admission or where alcoholic beverages are sold and comsumed.

Thank you for your help. I want to follow the laws of your state.

The parking lot is part of the school grounds, so we're not allowed to have a weapon in the vehicle parked on school grounds.

The hotel should be okay, but you're right, the restaurant no.

Is this a firearms course? It may be okay to transport your firearm (separate from ammunition) in a locked case to the location of the course.

Give the campus police a call at (704) 687-8300 to verify just in case.
It is not a firearms course. But I am worried about leaving the firearm in a hotel room while I am not there. And also worried about going to lunch withought it. I'll give the campus PD a call. Thank You.
Personally, I carry WHEREVER I go. Stay DEEP concealed. There aren't any metal detectors where you're going. However, if you want to stay legal, then in the motel room it must stay.
I tried calling campus police but they kept trying to transfer me and then put me on hold for 10 minutes. I tried.
Campus police are going to tell you that you cannot have it on campus.
Again, if you decide to leave it in your room; my wife is the master of hiding places for stuff. She said that if they had celotex ceilings in your room, hide it up there. A lot of motels have box-type curtain rods, hide it up there. Many also have safes now, that is an obvious one. Hope you get it straight, and feel comfortable with whatever you decide.
carry worry

Like alot of us you have all the standard fears about when. where, etc, and in the mean time our guns are not where they're supposed to be...on our persons to protect us from the unexpected perp who wants to whack us. The qusetion becomes, "How high is up", and we all know that question cannot be answered. So with all this uncertainty could you still pull out your gun and shoot somebody before he shoots you? Or are you trying to remember where your wife hid the gun or which LEO office should I call to get permission to do what my license says is legal for me to do.So being in compliance is not really a clear license to shoot somebody who is standing in front of you with a bowie knife and a headfull of caffinated pop.My gut reaction is you'll be cut before he gets shot. And if you shoot him are you going to get an "Attaboy" from the local LEOS? I doubt it. More than likely you;ll have to spend hours with detectives and states attorneys trying to explain to them why it was necessary. And even if after all that mental anguish is over and the shoot is found justified, would you still be able to pull out your piece and do it all over again the next day? The other day I viewed a dvd that comes packed with every Crimson Trace catalog. The opening scene shows a husband and wife one standing and one laying on the floor of a parking garage and you here the wife calling 911 to report a shooting. Her husband is on the floor weeping and sort of out of control and shes trting to console him. At this point you hear the call. "We were attacked by several perps, but my husband killed them. Please send help.OOPS, now what?

Justfood for thought.
I read a story recently about a local man that was kidnapped...at knifepoint. They kidnapped the guy and by the time they were done with him they had stabbed him in the eye and various times in the body. Stick a knife in me and I'll still draw and shoot you down. I consider my reaction time constantly when I get into situations and I beleive 2 things will help me in a situation. 1. I stay very alert...constantly...I never let anybody walk behind me that I don't have a view of them in something reflective as I'm walking. And I am always aware that hiding places should be considered. I drive a car the same way....I always assume that moron is GOING to pull out in from of me. 2. My will to live and defend myself is stronger than some morons will to shoot me for my money, especially considered I would have no remourse if I shot the BG and he is on his 3rd strike and will go away for a long time.

This debate can go both ways, but our country allows us the right to be on the armed side of the debate. I just pray that I NEVER have to draw my firearm and that if I do...whether I win or loose...my family is safe and sound and not with me at the time.

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