He gets a new job after all of this?!!! What do y'all think???


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Tarred and feathered isn't first option. Brought up on criminal charges, found guilt and sent to a public gallows along with every dang one of them who knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it. Get em ALL. They're worse than the worse criminals we have in jail.


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Of course the Obama administration will keep him. I have heard that Melson's possible sucessor was to be Andrew Traver (another anti-gun guy), not Todd Jones, like the article stated. In a worse-case scenario, Melson will be the fall guy. It is a year before a presidential election. If Obama is reelected, you can count on more attempts like "Fast and Furious" at increased gun control. Giving guns to Mexicans so they can be "tracked?" We were sold a false bill of goods and the media has done reasonably well at keeping this big issue quiet. Mayor Bloomberg's version of "Fast and Furious" where received far more attemtion in the state run media.


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I definetly think all involved shoul be put on trial. If you or I did this we would not ever see the light of day again. I am so tired of person in high places being above the law. Espically congress. Tigerdriver.

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Our government is severely broken. I'm not just talking about the Left, it's on both sides!
There is so much back scratching, backroom deals, and plain ole corruption that getting out of this hole is going to be extremely difficult.
We need a MAJOR overhaul to get things back on track. We need fresh blood in the seats of congress and the house with values based on those of our founding fathers.

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