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This Tuesday, June 5, the Ohio House State Government and Elections Committee will be taking proponent and opponent testimony on House Bill 495 (Link Removed) at 1:30 p.m. in Room 116 of the Ohio Capitol. This important pro-gun reform legislation was introduced on March 27 by state Representative Terry Johnson (R-89) and would address several problems with current Ohio gun laws.

We encourage NRA members to attend and speak in support of this critical gun reform legislation.If you are unable to attend, please call and e-mail members of the House State Government and Elections Committee and urge them to support HB 495. Contact information for members of the committee can be found here. Committee Details for State Government and Elections

Specifically, HB 495 would make the following changes:

Establish automatic reciprocity between Ohio and other states that have automatic reciprocity for their concealed handgun licenses. Currently, the Attorney General must enter into a written agreement with another state to establish reciprocity. HB 495 would still allow for written agreements between the states if the other state does not have automatic reciprocity, but it eliminates the requirement for a written agreement if reciprocity can occur automatically by operation of law.

Eliminate the renewed competency certification requirement for concealed carry licenses. Currently, after the first renewal of your concealed handgun license, you must submit proof of renewed competency to show that you are range competent for all subsequent renewals. HB 495 would make it so that you can simply show your existing or expiring license or your original competency certificate as proof that you have had the necessary training for all renewals.

Change the definition of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Currently, a firearm is considered loaded if a loaded magazine is present in the vehicle, even if the magazine is not inserted into the firearm. HB 495 would change the definition so that the magazine must be inserted into the firearm before it is considered loaded.

Define “Concealed Handgun License” in one section of the revised code and clarify that the definition applies to all references to a concealed handgun license in the revised code. HB 495 would simplify the state code and make it easier to read, understand, comply with, and enforce.

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