Hawaii Legislature wants to ban the .50 BMG Need Help!

Hawaii legislators have resurrected a bill that they deferred indefinitely earlier this month. After a bunch of "bad" information from the local LEO and other "concerned" citizens, they have decided to resurrect a very bad bill by modifying it to ban the .50 BMG and ammunition. This would be a direct blow to our 2A rights. Start with the "big" guns, then work your way down. The worse part is that these folks won't allow ANY public testimony. :grr: The local firearms community are asking folks to email the various representatives. It doesn't matter if you live here or not. Any emails received will be considered. I've sent a bunch of them off earlier today. A basic email stating opposition to the bill (HB2999) would suffice. Mine went something like:

Dear Representative [name of rep]:

I strongly oppose HB2999. There is no logical reason for the bill. Law abiding citizens have owned .50 BMG caliber rifles for years. There have been very little (if any) crimes linked to the ownership of a .50 BMG rifle. It would be unconstitutional to ban a firearm because of what it "might" do. If you were to follow this logic, let's ban all airplanes because they "might" be used in a terror attack. We know of a few confirmed reports of when this has happened, and with tragic results.

I urge you to do vote in opposition of HB2999. Thank you for your time and attention.


[my name here]

Here's the list of representatives:

Committee Chairman - Tommy Waters [email protected]
Representative Cindy Evans [email protected]
Representative Josh Green [email protected]
Representative Angus L.K. McKelvey [email protected]
Representative Joe Souki [email protected]
Representative Cliff Tsuji [email protected]
Representative Ryan I. Yamane [email protected]
Representative Kyle T. Yamashita [email protected]
Representative Kymberly Marcos Pine [email protected]

Thank you for your assistance!



Thank God I'm alive!
Unfortunately, this is Hawaii we're talking about, and it is quite likely that no amount of letter writing, lobbying, or arm twisting is going to stop legislators there from enacting this ban. All I can say is that I'm glad I live in a free state and don't have to worry about ridiculous legislation such as this ever seeing the light of day. I never thought that a tropical "utopia" would make Midwestern winters look good by comparison because of the gun laws, but unfortunately, in this case, it does.
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