having trouble making a decision


Any sig is a good sig
i'm stuck on a decision on whether or not to buy a smaller carry gun. i currently carry a ruger p95 and a sig p228. but with summer approaching, looking to get into something easier to carry.

i'm looking to buy either a kel tec pf-9


a taurus pt 145

i don't really need another, but would love to add another to my collection. especially a smaller and lighter for carry.

any thoughts? i'm not just stuck on these 2 models, but they are definitely my top 2 picks as of right now

I have Kel-Tec PF9 and it's comparable to my Kahr PM9 that I carry all year long. If I didn't;t have my Kahr I'd be carrying it all the time.
...i don't really need another, but would love to add another...

That's all you need to justify it, so go ahead and get yourself a new pistol!

I also have a PF-9 and consider it an excellent choice in a small handgun. I believe you will find a small pistol which fires an adequate round is a prudent addition to your carry choices.
Go for the Springfield Armory EMP 1911 in 9mm or .40 Smith. You'll never regret that purchase.
so many guns...........so many choices...........

there's a gun show this weekend at gibraltar trade center in taylor. i'm gonna check out some new stuff

any other opinions out there that's a little cheaper than the kahr?
I'd recommend the Kahr CW-9. It runs just under $400 and it functions reliably and is accurate. I also agree that you would never regret the purchase of a Springfield EMP. It has a very high drool factor. :biggrin:
found the kahr cw9 for 400. still looking at the taurus pt 145 for 369.

not sure whether or not to go with the 9 or the 45.

i currently do not have a 45 in my collection.

too many options

anybody out there think the 45 would make a better carry?????????

the taurus weighs 23oz. the kahr weighs 13 oz. dry.

I own 2 Sigs (reference). I often carry my Taurus PT-145 in a Nemesis pocket holster in my cargo shorts with a 2nd mag on my left side. While it isn't a Sig, it's a great firearm. And 10+1 of 230gr ammo is amazingly compact. I have a small hand and it fits me incredibly well. I have 1200+ trouble free rounds through the PT-145 and am comfortable using it as a carry piece. Best of luck to you in your decision. Let us know.
Life is full of hard choices. I am trying to decide if I need another hand gun. I feel the need for a Sig 250. Especially in the sub compact mode. :biggrin:
HK, there are handguns I don't own, therefore I need another handgun.
HK, there are handguns I don't own, therefore I need another handgun.

That is pretty much the way I look at it. One can not have to many guns. The only thing that stands in the way of me solving that problem is money or a lack there of.
A vote for the Kel-Tec P11. Cheap, double action point-and-shoot, and mine's been dead reliable with everything that's been through it. Also conceals well(I have a comp-tac tuckable and it disappears under a loose tucked-in t-shirt) and it's 10+1 capacity.

Good luck with your decision.

I have a PT-145. I find that the Ruger SR9 is an easier carry for me. It is much slimmer and lighter than the Ruger P series. The SR9 is also slimmer than the PT-145. I would not hesitate to carry either one. The SR9 fits my build (kinda, sorta chubby) better.

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