Have shoulder holsters, gone the way of the Dodo??


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I’m looking for opinions. (Before I buy and try) I’m new to concealed carry and I’m in that early and expensive stage of finding what’s comfortable and practical for me. I’ve seen little or no mention of shoulder holsters (the original concealed carry??) Are they impractical or just passé?

I have a couple of shoulder holsters. One the Miami Vice by Galco and andother a DBL rig made by Andrews out of Florida. Both really find holsters and both have not been used in a long time. Impractical? Not really, but comfortable, no.
Shoulder holster

I have a Galco Jack Ass shoulder rig that I often use for my Glock 30. I love it and I'll tell you why. I do a ton of driving and nothing is better than a shoulder holster when you are seated. It also solves the issue many folks who carry have when using the bathroom. I don't have to take off my holster and put my gun on top of the toilet like I would with a belt holster. It's one of my favorite carry methods.

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Shoulder holsters are not especially comfortable or even concealable.

They shift, they tug.

I've not worn one outside hunting season for 15 years plus, and I carry a gun everyday.

If you DO get one, the Galco Miami Classic is one of the better ones to be found.

I just don't find them very practical. I think it would be more difficult to access the handgun and more difficult to conceal. I prefer IWB at 4 O'clock. Just my opinion though.
I've got one by Westwoods Landing. It's made locally by a husband and wife. I got it the first year I was carrying. It's a neat little set up and custom done. Mine can holster vertical or horizontal and I've got 3 holsters for it for different gun sizes. It's designed for comfort and it's not bad --but you know it's there.
The down side or things I've learned.
The way I dress is not good for the rig. Taking it off and putting it on is a hassle--I now like paddle holsters.
I can't wear it while working at a customers house--I do very physical work.
I have only worn the thing in public 2 times --other carry methods are much more convenient.
This rig cost about $240. I coulda got a whole lotta paddle holsters for that
If I am doing a bunch of car travel I usually stick the gun in a car holster or something. However, if I am in and out all the time througout that travel the shoulder holster can be the most comfortable. I burned through a ton of shoulder holsters to find on that was comfortable. For me it turned out to be a very in expensive kids holster with padded nylon, I swapped out the holster with a galco one. But I usually only carry during car carry if at all. Or if I am carrying a really big gun which is too uncomfortable elsewhere. There is a more tactical or atleast shooting purpose for not using a shoulder holster. I know a bunch of instructors and range masters that forbid them. The issue is how you draw the firearm from the holster. If not done carefully you sweep your muzzle over everyone to the left or right of you depending on the holster. Whereas with a hip holster you sweep the ground up to sweeping the target only. I've found it easy to put a bit of roll in the wrist as you draw which keeps this from occuring, but it is something that I have seen brought up on the occassion of discussion of shoulder holsters. If I'm in a laid back situation at the range or sometimes when driving I may give them a whirl. When I am in ANY other situation I tend to go with other methods which allow, for me, a much faster draw. I don't think they are falling away in popularity. Hollywood still likes them!!! :lachen:
Don't like shoulder holsters due to the direction of the muzzle when carrying, and the "sweeping" of an area when drawing the firearm. Seems to be an "unsafe" carry method for the less experienced/trained. It will take a lot of practice in "stressful" situations to ensure proper gun handling. I've seen folks inadverdantly placing their finger on the trigger while drawing from a shoulder rig under stress.

Shoulder Holsters are great... in the movies! :duimomlaag:

Get a good IWB holster, you won't regret it. :duim:
I wouldn't use one for my CCW, but a casual day in the woods, why not. There is an ebay company selling one size fits all shoulder rigs for $10, plus another $10 shipping. Comes in black, digital camo, OD green, and desert tan. I just ordered one to try it out, I'm not expecting a top quality holster rig for $10 though.
Our harley shop is stocking the tee shirt with the build in holster.Got to get one for the King.
I have two, one is an uncle Mikes... the holster is good, the rig is crap.
I have an Ace and for light weight it is good.

I would recomend the Glaco JAckass, or miami. As I am slender I will likely go with the jackass. The hort carry is good if you have the build for it.

The hip and shoulder have their plusses and minuses each.

I will not own another hip/belt...I will go with a paddle stlye.

but I love my shoulder holster the most. Its great for driving, sitting, using the bathroom, easier to conceal.

to each their own, try before you buy and go with your comfort level. keep in mind what you are doing while you are wearing it.

some holsters fall out or your shirt will ride up over the gun. Take no ones word till you try and like it....

what works for you is sure to get someone elses panties in a wad.

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