Have my nonres, now getting my resident license


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Hey all

I made the move to NH from ny a couple weeks back and have finally gotten around to becoming an official resident of NH. Since I moved, but was technically still a NY resident, I was able to carry with my ny license and my NH non-res.

I have since become a NH resident and turned in my resident license application today. When I was at the police station, I asked the officer if I could still carry on my non-res license until I get my resident license. He told me that it should not be a problem. If I get stopped, I should notify the officer that I have a firearm in the vehicle. If he questions my nonres license, to tell him that I have already applied for a resident license and he can confirm that if he wishes.

I do not plan on tempting fate by drawing any attention to myself as I conduct my business driving around town, but it was comforting to know that the police don't have some strange fear/fixation on citizens carrying firearms.

SO much different than ny. Thank God. 5-7 days and I will have my pistol license as a resident of the free state of NH.


Yeah, it's a whole different ball game here in NH(I moved here from the People's Republic of MA about 6 years ago).

I even shoot in my yard here(have shot everything from .22s to patterning turkey guns, .460 magnum, AR's etc...no prob in my little town.:biggrin:

Welcome to the free world!

:offtopic:....where abouts in Southern NH are you SeanC? I'm east of Derry and north of Hampstead.

Back on topic-willyNY, glad You are now amoung the Live Free Or Die state. Glad all went well with your transaction/s and local police assuring You there "should not be a problem" (hopefully You got THAT officers name just incase..lol). I believe S&WM&P40 is in your neck of the woods also. You should stay communicated with Him because he's a pretty smart guy learning the laws and finding them here for NH (there are others too, but, I find myself emailing him from time to time asking questions. So, are You now going to change your name to willyNH?!

I'm about 30 miles west of Nashua, just about right between Nashua and Keene.

You been to Manchester Firing Line? I go once in a while(usually during the winter when there's too much snow and cold to just go outside).

:offtopic: Ah yes, you're on the end from me. Yes, I have been to MFL ONLY for when I went for the courses which were "Protection In The Home" and "Out Of The Home". The classes were adjacent to the building and then the class would go to MFL for practice. I don't go there at all really, OR Other ranges. I'm in the process of building My own type Shooting Area in My yard out back. Looks like it'll be Close to finish late this summer instead of this spring as I had planned. I can still shoot out there for now. Rugrats and Other projects that are priority keep me from moving forward with it. MFL is about 25 miles from me.
Check out on the NH Thread "Back Yard Shooting". Photo's of when I just started clearing area out back.
1 week. I went back to the police station today, gave them my $10. and am legal again.

All is good in the land of the free.

-willyNH (formerly known as willyNY)

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