Has anyone seen less than $4/gallon gas lately?


Went from $1.51 to $1.71 in some stations.


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Ours jumped today to 1.75 a gallon today I found a BP that hadnt raised the price yet and paid 1.65
Its been in the 150 range foe a while , and now we get this spike. Its all BS, they manipulate the prices


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Was $1.37 last week, went back to $1.40 yesterday but dropped back to $1.39 today. This was at the local Costco, usually the cheapest in town.

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Well, a few days ago, it was $1.49, then it went to 1.85, and then it dropped to 1.79. But yesterday, it jumped to 1.99. So, who knows where it's going. On the news they were talking about the uncertainty with the fighting in Gaza and such as part of the driving force in gas prices.


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My last post in Nov., regular was $1.89 and #2 heating oil was $2.49. Last week the regular was $1.45 (lowest I saw it around here) and now it is $1.65 . #2 heating oil is now at $2.09 which it has been staying for the last 3.5 weeks (from where I get it). I decided to take a chance and get some now, got 300 gls at $2.09.


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Yes it's me again. I posted yesterday mentioning how the #2 heating oil from where I get it was $2.09. Well, I went to fill up my car and the heating oil is now $2.19! Glad I got it before the increase.
Gas and Oil is going to go right back up there....plus the Gov. wants to add more of a tax?! So, instead of the close to $4 for regular like it was this past year it will be close to $6!! Time to have a drink...:alcoholic:

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