Has anyone seen less than $4/gallon gas lately?


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3.85 here in archer and still falling, I hope.


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Decided to resurrect this thread in light of the recent dramatic fall in gas prices. I saw it here for $3.19 a gallon today. Could it possibly fall below $3 this winter?
Here in PRHI gas finally dipped below the $4 on Monday. Average in Honolulu is $3.85. Costco is probably around $3.65. The islands of Lanai and Molokai have the highest gas price in the state hovering around the $5 mark.


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So far, this time around... it has only dropped to $3.499 here in Salem, Oregon.

They sure know how to jerk our chain, that is for sure.


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I found some for $2.65 in Indiana yesterday while on the way home from Knob Creek Ky. While out Gas ran as low as $2.95 in Tenn. and $2.68 in Ky, not sure what is it in Mi have not bought any yet.

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In 9 days it has dropped 36 cents here in Salem, Oregon. I seen it at $3.03 yesterday. What a scam on us!


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Has anyone seen gas

The Safeway across the street from us in Lacey, Washington has gas for $2.899 a gallon as of yesterday morning. I hav enot been outside to day to see wha tit is now.

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One day from $3.03 yesterday to $2.99 today. Salem, OR on North Lancaster Drive at the Town Pump (Chevron).

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