Has anyone seen less than $4/gallon gas lately?

$3.83 today in part of Boston, 2 blocks from my house, and its full service
usually its $3.89 to $3.99

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Way rural Utah here, haven't seen it under $4 for a long time. Paid $67 to fill less than half the tank of my suburban a few days ago. They must have added a fuel surcharge to deliver fuel here or the stations can get away with it because there's no place else to go . . .


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filled up for $4.07 this morning...prices dropped like $.20 in a about a week here. I hope it keeps dropping.


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Can still find a few places here in the 3.80s range but mostly 3.95-3.99. I did see three stations earlier this week that was 4.06 so I guess there is a pretty wide variance of price here.


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Well out by the Highway it was 3.99 Saturday but in town it was still 4.25 in some places, and they don't Rig the price of a gallon, yeah right!
$1.99 gas in Massachusetts

Today in Worcester, Massachusetts
drivers was able to purchase gas at at amazing low $1.99 per gallon ( regular )
There were no limits on the amount you could buy
People brought their RV, Boats, and any container legal to transport gas in to fill up

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I moved to Winnemucca, Nv in June of '07.

Gas was $3.45 per gallon, and that was for 85 octane! $3.65 for 89 and $3.79 for 91!

Lately, gas has been $4.45 for 85, $4.65 for 89 and $4.89 for 91....

They just built a new Pilot Truck Stop on the outskirts of town, 87 octane is $3.99, 89 is $4.09 and 91 is $4.19.......

Gas south of us is even less expensive.....



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Prices have been falling here lately and regular unleaded is going for less than $4 now. If it weren't for Indiana being one of only 7 states with a sales tax on gas, they'd be even lower.


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Tom Thumb a large grocery store chain that is now owned by Safeway had it 3.79 today before taking off there 3 cent discount if you have one of there cards. If you have purchased 50 dollars worth of groceries in the last month the discount is 10 cents making it a total of 3.69 a gallon. Never thought I would be glad to see 3.69 a gallon.


Thank God I'm alive!
It is down to an average of about $3.69 here. Never thought I would be relieved to see a price of $3.69 for a gallon of gas.

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